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What Croasdell Company can do for You
Croasdell Company can provide you with land surveying, civil engineering and site planning services.  These include but are not limited to:

• Preliminary Site Investigations for specific project needs
• Preliminary Wetland Impact Assessments
• Boundary and Architectural/Engineering Surveys for Design
• ALTA/ASCM Surveys
• Liquor License Surveys
• Formal Requests for Water/Sewer Availability
• Research of Zoning and Land Use constraints
• Expert Court Testimony
• Site Planning
• Concurrency Investigation and Applications
• Complete Site Engineering to include:
    - Construction Layout Plan
    - Sewer and Water Utility Plan
    - Maintenance of Traffic Plan
    - Paving, Grading, and Drainage Plan
    - Erosion Control and Tree Protection Plan
    - Landscape and Tree Mitigation Plan (subcontracted)
• All necessary site permitting including, but not limited to:
    - Applications for zoning exceptions, variances and administrative deviations
    - Jacksonville Area Planning Department (JAPD) Site Plan Approval
    - City of Jacksonville (COJ) Construction Plan Review
    - JEA Sewer and Water Utility Construction Permitting
    - Florida Water Management District (SJRWMD & SWFWMD) Permitting
    - Department of Transportation (FDOT & GDOT) Drainage Connection Permitting
    - Department of Transportation (FDOT & GDOT) Driveway Connection Permitting
Florida required Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plan Approval
    - Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Permitting
    - EPA's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permitting
    - Sewage Treatment & Disposal System (OSTDS) Permitting
• Contract Administration

R. L. Croasdell Company is ready to meet all of your Site Development needs. We would appreciate the opportunity to work for you in any future Land Development endeavors.

City of Jacksonville's "Stormwater Fee" 

Did you recently get a bill from the City of Jacksonville for a "Stormwater Fee"?  Did you know that you may qualify for an adjustment, exemption or credit that could reduce your fee?

The City of Jacksonville has a page on their website that explains the "Stormwater Fee" (click here for the City's webpage).  They also have a page regarding the adjustments, exemptions and credits (click here for the City's webpage).  Some of these reductions may require surveying and/or a professional engineer's assistance (an Engineers's Certification of As-Built Conditions, for example).  We would be happy to help you meet these requirements--as we have many of our Customers already--up to and including assisting you in filling out the forms.

The deadline to apply for an adjustment, exemption or credit is before July 1st.  Any adjustment, exemption or credit applied for this time, will automatically be applied in the future.  Contact David Haines or Jason Haire in our office today to see if we can help you save some money.

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