Since                            1925

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Who we are and what we've done

Company History:

Founders and Owners:

» R. L. Croasdell
(1895-1969) - Founder, Former Owner, Registered Land Surveyor, Father and a Husband

» R. H. Eberling (1925-2009) - Former Co-Owner, Registered Land Surveyor, U.S. Army Air Corps Veteran, Father and a Husband

» L. Daniel Haines, Jr. - Former Owner, former Co-Owner, Registered Land Surveyor, Registered Civil Engineer (Florida & Georgia), U.S. Army Veteran, University of Florida (UF) graduate, Father and a Husband

» David R. Haines - Current Owner, former Co-Owner, Registered Land Surveyor, Registered Civil Engineer, former U.S. Army Reservist, Georgia Institute of Technology (GT) graduate, Father and a Husband

Where does the Croasdell, in Croasdell Company come from?

Coming soon...

Past and Present Projects and Clients:

Croasdell Company has been privelaged to provide our services to hundreds of wonderful Clients over its more than 80 years.  The following is just a very short list of the Companies, Individuals and Projects that Croasdell Company has been a part of in the past and presently:

Gate Petroleum Company
->Provided land surveying and civil engineering on numerous gas station/convenience stores throughout Florida, Georgia and consulting for locations in the Carolinas:
   + Gate Station locations all over Jacksonville
   + Gate Station and Krystal Restaurant on Atlantic Boulevard
   + Gate Stations with automated car washes
   + Gate Station and Commercial Office Complex on Old St. Augustine Road
   + Gate Station and Bank Branch on U.S. Highway 1, Nocatee
   + Gate Station locations in Gainesville, Sebring, Tavares, & Sanford, Florida
   + Gate Station locations in Lake Wales, Ponte Vedra & St. Augustine, Florida

Ted Pappas, Architect
->Provided land surveying and civil engineering to assist Mr. Pappas, a past President of the A.I.A., on Projects for more than 25 years, including:
   + Five Points Neighborhood revitalization Project
   + Xomed-Treace/Medtronics Southpoint Facilities (multiple phases)
   + University of North Florida (UNF) Student Housing
   + St. Andrews Historical Church renovations
   + St. Johns Presbyterian Church
   + St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church
   + Riverside Presbyterian Church (multiple projects)
   + Riverside Presbyterian Day School (multiple projects)
   + Ponte Vedra National Bank
   + Ponte Vedra Fire Station and Library
   + Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
   + Mayport Naval Station Childcare Facility
   + Several Duval County Public Schools

Frank Shumer, Architect
->Provided land surveying and civil engineering for Mr. Shumer on Projects for more than 30 years including:
   + Pottsburg Park Apartments
   + Epping Forest Fitness Center
   + Florida Air National Guard Facility at JIA
   + Greenfield Elementary School
   + Hilton Garden Inn
   + Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Central Maintenance Facility
   + Italian Oven Restaurant (multiple locations)
   + Ponte Vedra Community Center
   + Orange Park Kennel Club
   + Jacksonville Kennel Club
   + St. Johns Kennel Club

Duval County Public School Board (a.k.a. DCPS)
->Numerous elementary, middle and high schools throughout the County spanning 20 years.

United States Navy
->Provided land surveying and civil engineering on several of the Navy's bases in Jacksonville and Georgia.

United States Air Force
->Project in Italy

United States Army
->Project in Panama Canal Zone

City of Jacksonville, Florida
Oaklawn Cemetery
Texaco Oil Company
Epping Forest Yacht Club
Ebert, Norman, Brady Architects
Volunteers of America
Police Athletic League
I.M. Sulzbacher Homeless Center
Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, St. Augustine, Florida
Edward Waters College
Southpoint Community Church
Wheeler Power Products/110%

Dozens and dozens of residential and commerical subdivisions County-wide were designed, surveyed, and engineered since 1925 by Croasdell Company.  Chances are fairly good that if you live in Duval County, your property may have been surveyed by Croasdell Company and/or the subdivision you live in may have been designed by Croasdell Company.  In fact, with Croasdell Company having engineered and surveyed so many commercial and residential projects and properties ove rthe past 75+ years, we may have designed and/or surveyed where you get your gas, buy your gorceries, attend religious services and/or maybe even where you work.

We look forward to adding your Name and Project to this list.
Personnel, equipment and training:

Croasdell Company office staff includes three Registered Land Surveyors, two Registered Civil Engineers, a senior engineering/surveying technician, and CADD operators.

Croasdell Company's land surveying operations include fully staffed field crew using modern surveying methods and equipment.

Croasdell handles our own CADD work, plotting, printing and photography.

All of our staff are courteous, friendly and readily available...even the surveyors and engineers.  Rarely will you have to speak to someone who is not specifically working on your Project.

We maintain a close cooperation with a well-respected Landscape Architect (a former City of Jacksonville Landscape Architect) who designs Landscape Plans for all of our Projects.

We pride ourselves in the rapport we have established with all Local, State and Federal Government Agencies that we regularly interact with.  Our entire staff is on a first name basis with plan reviewers in these Agencies and they personally deliver plans and applications to the reviewers.

We purposefully remain a small firm so that we can continue to provide the personal and timely attention to our Clients that they expect and deserve.
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